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Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of accidental injury and death across the country. Wisconsin, too, has its share of dangerous highways and serious car accidents, especially when alcohol and high speeds are involved. The car accident attorneys of The Previant Law Firm, S.C. have decades of experience and a track record of successful verdicts and settlements. Our results demonstrate our commitment to helping people who have suffered serious personal injuries and families who are grieving the wrongful death of a loved one killed in a car crash.

Whether it was a collision with another car, person, or object, rollover, rear-end or front-end crash, we can guide and counsel you throughout the legal process.

Using Experts to Get to the Truth
Our law firm works with professional engineers and crash scene investigators to understand the underlying cause of your accident. If a defective auto part caused your accident, then you could have a claim against the auto part manufacturer or even against the automobile manufacturer. Did the other driver swerve unexpectedly into your lane? An investigator might be able to piece together evidence to prove it.
Damages & Compensation in a Car Accident Case
In a Wisconsin car accident case, there are various types of damages you can recover. The unique details of your case will determine what damages you can pursue. It will be our responsibility as your trusted car accident lawyers to figure out all available damages and calculate them carefully.
Four common types of damages in car accident claims are:

  • Medical bills: Even a minor injury in a crash will require you to seek medical attention to ensure it is not worse than it appears. Costs for medical bills get expensive quickly. You should not have to bear the brunt of medical bills if you did not cause your accident.
  • Lost income and wages: You may need to take extensive time off work to recuperate from your injuries. Even if you are able to get disability pay, it will not be the full amount of wages you usually earn. You can sue for the difference, though.
  • Property damage: Assuming that your vehicle needs to be repaired or entirely replaced after a bad accident, you can demand the cost of such property damage from the liable parties.
  • Noneconomic damages: The above-listed damages are economic damages, which can be tied to tangible damage. Noneconomic damages are different in that they seek to compensate you for your unjustified pain and suffering, as well as lingering emotional trauma. There is no definitive way to calculate noneconomic damages, but injury attorneys often total all economic damages and multiply that amount by 2, 3, or more to find a fair noneconomic damage value.

​You might also be able to sue for punitive damages, which are rewarded by a judge or jury to penalize the defendant for egregious wrongdoing and recklessness. For example, punitive damages are sometimes used in drunk driving accident cases in which the defendant had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level more than double the legal limit.

In personal injury claims not filed against the state, local municipalities, or medical providers, Wisconsin imposes no damage cap. You can recover 100% of your experienced economic damages and any amount of noneconomic damages deemed fair.

Car Accident Statute of Limitations in Wisconsin
You have three years after the day of your car accident to file a claim against any liable parties. Once those three years pass, a defendant can ask the court to dismiss any newly filed claim, which the court will almost certainly do. It is rare for the three-year statute of limitations to be extended since most serious injuries caused in a car accident are apparent within 24 hours of the crash.

Filing an Underinsured Motorist Claim
In the case that you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance, your stress level may drastically increase. In this case, you do have options. Depending on the circumstances, you will be able to file a claim under the uninsured or underinsured provisions associated with your personal auto policy.

Car Accidents & Catastrophic Injuries
Our car accident attorneys have handled many complex injury cases involving spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. These types of injuries can have life-changing consequences, though sometimes the extent of the injury is subtle and requires careful testing to fully understand.
Our lawyers bring in highly qualified experts in the field to testify about the scientific intricacies and, with our recovery fee payment plan, all the costs are paid by the firm until an award is delivered. We also work closely with healthcare professionals to understand the extent of injuries and the short- and long-term consequences for you and your family.

Some of our successful cases have involved:

  • Spinal Cord Injury – Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, followed by falls. The spinal cord does not have to be severed for loss of function to occur.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – This type of injury often results when the head hits a windshield or when the brain collides with the skull due to the sudden impact of the collision.
  • Wrongful Death – If a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury in a car accident that led to their wrongful death, your family may be entitled to compensation.

Common Causes of Car Accidents
Distracted driving is a primary cause of car accidents. We have all seen individuals texting or otherwise using their phone while driving. Although the person in the driver’s seat likely believes they have the situation under control, those who share the road with them are put at risk.
Wisconsin has a statewide ban on the act of texting while driving because of its effect on the mind of the driver. 

Suffering Brain Injuries After a Car Accident
One common and very serious type of injury that victims suffer after a car accident is that of TBI, or traumatic brain injury. This is a medical term describing damage to the brain from a sudden impact or physical force to the head.

In fact, over half of all brain injuries are from vehicle accidents. This type of damage occurs frequently occurs in an accident of this nature, for instance when the head hits the steering wheel or windshield.

Here at The Previant Law Firm, S.C., our car accident lawyers have assisted people  throughout southeast Wisconsin for more than 100 years. We offer you and your family emotional and legal support as you recover from a car accident. Let us be your voice against people who act negligently and cause others harm.

Free Consultation with a Car Accident Lawyer
At The Previant Law Firm, S.C., we handle all car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. We only charge for your lawyer’s time if we secure a victory for you and we advance the costs of your case along the way.

If you or someone you know requires the assistance of an experienced auto accident lawyer, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We offer flexible appointment scheduling and can meet with you in our office, your home, or the hospital. 

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